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Anyone got a favorite Open Access Week program/event? I know it's early, but I'm thinking about it, so I thought I'd ask :)
We did this Death of Evidence mock funeral a few years ago. It was awesome, if only the kind of thing you could do once. The lesson was that dramatic works, even if a little "off topic" in terms of a pure OA event. The last couple of years we've done faculty-introduced screenings of The Internet's Own Boy and Citizenfour, both of which were also quite successful. Not sure what we'll do this year, but you're right, it's best to start thinking early. ‎· John Dupuis
And yes, that is our head archivist piping the funeral procession into the Scott Library atrium. ‎· John Dupuis
For the last two years we've run faculty debates. This takes some organising, and may require subtle coaching of faculty to ensure they have good information about OA, and runs the risk that they'll go off on strange tangents anyway, but is lots of fun. Here's our one from last year: ‎· Deborah Fitchett
thanks! i'll look into both of those! ‎· Courtney F