Is walkup access easy and really usable by the community or is it not feasible now? I know my larger institution photocopies an id to let you in, but I don't know what you need to get on the wireless or to use a computer. Can people walk in and use your electronic resources?
The library at my Alma mater allows anyone to use their computers/internet, but charges $0.10/sheet if you want to print. Wi-Fi requires showing a student ID for access code. ‎· Jenny H.
Yes, people can walk in and use our eresources. And we have guest wifi. I also know that our state system lets people walk in and use their resources because our students travel up to the University for specialized resource access. ‎· lris
Our computers don't require a login, so anyone can walk in and use them (and therefore the e- resources). Guest wifi requires showing any photo id. We often get students from other universities studying in the evening and weekends, if they live closer to us. ‎· Kirsten
They have to pay for building access (i.e., become a "member"), unless they're using a unique resource (e.g., special collections), but after they're inside, our wifi and public computers do not require an institution-specific login. The guest wifi password is reset every week, though, and getting access requires registering your MAC address. ‎· Meg Vmeg
We have guest wifi and guest logins for our computer lab (something we insisted on years ago - we have high school students and other campus visitors who we need to accommodate). Printing is a hassle because the guest setup involves buying a card and typing in a ridiculously long code. If it's a few pages I usually do it on our staff copier to avoid the hassle. ‎· secret agent Fister
We have guest wifi and guest logins for the library computers. Printing is not generally available, after some (librarian-assisted, I'm afraid) abuses in the past, but can be arranged at a librarian's discretion. ‎· Catherine
our walk up access is currently non existent because of the armed robberies in the library earlier this year. once there's a visitor management system, it will be back to : public computer access is 1 hr/day, between 8:30 and 5:15. exceptions can be made for researchers, those currently have to go through the dean. ‎· ellbeecee
Thank you all. Very helpful! I may post on my blog if that's ok? ‎· Christina Pikas
Yes. We have guest terminals requiring no login, and a guest wifi network that gives access to e-resources. ‎· kaijsa
Fine by me. I will say that the situation over at Big Research Library Across The Street is rather more restrictive. ‎· Catherine
We provide guest WiFi credentials on request and electronic resources are available at that point without further login. Guest computer access is also granted but on a much more limited basis (because we don't have enough). Printing is 10 cents/page payable in cash so I guess we're happy to provide it to anyone ‎· Jiffy Kurls
We have two guest computers with full resource access but not general internet access. No guest printing but you can buy a copy card. Wifi is handled by campus computing-- you can get up to 5 24 hour sessions per semester. You fill out a form and get a text with log in details. ‎· hedgielib
Interested to hear some of you have guest wifi allowing access to resources. Is this just in the library building or across the whole of campus? ‎· Deborah Fitchett
As far as I know, all our wireless IP addresses are within the same ranges as the hardwired internet access, as far as outside resources are concerned (might be sub-networks, but I honestly don't know for sure). If that's the case, then yes, any guest wireless login would be able to access e-resources. ‎· Kirsten
Our guest wireless has access to our e-resources. BRLAtS's guest wireless does not. ‎· Catherine
Christina, I'm fine if you post on your blog. Deborah, I'm not sure whether the IP addresses assigned by our guest wifi are in the same range as those assigned by other places on campus (library IT is separate from campus IT, and I'm not sure if the difference extends to this). ‎· Meg Vmeg
WiFi IP address is same across campus, so yes, everyone's authenticated (although they do need to request guest login and library would be the place to do that) ‎· Jiffy Kurls
Generally I'm fine with you blogging it - I'd ask you to leave out the part about the visitor management system. While it's known that that's happening, it's all tied in with the state purchasing system, so there's no timeline there. ‎· ellbeecee
Also, I'll add, as far as wifi: there is a guest (though it's called "Visitor". The "guest" wifi is for those sponsored by campus departments) wifi. As far as I know it has access to our resources. Both are provided by campus IT. More info at ‎· ellbeecee
My old institution is a big no. There used to be some free national wide wifi but that gave them only wifi no eresources. As for eresources? Not in a million years. ‎· Aarontay
Previous job (state university system): Guest computer access with a generic login (previously, had been a unique guest login). Access to eresources included, because it was the same IP range. Guest wifi campus-wide, you had to enter an email address (for very basic 'how many people use this') but it had filters (same ones as K-12 systems) and didn't allow you into some campus things easily (like Blackboard, MyCampus, etc.) Non-guests (students, faculty, staff) did a one time 'get your device on the network' thing and got full access. Current place: we have a generic login for visitors which includes access to our one generally available database, but we're a weird sort of library. ‎· Jen Arnott
Yes, guest access to the computers (required for being a FDLP library) also provides access to any other eresources (by virtue of being on our IP). No guest wifi. ‎· YoungGeekyLibrarian
guest access for us is from 7am until 11pm M-F, 9-7 Sat and 1-11pm Sun. Guests can use computers for 90 minutes each day with a guest pass and pay to print (cost depends on print options). Our eresources are all available to computer users. Guest wifi is free, with no login required. ‎· Courtney F
we are a public univ (the FIRST public univ. in the U.S.), so our guest access is pretty good. Access to all library databases - except a few pesky ones whose license terms prohibit walk-in access. NC residents can buy a community borrower card for $25 per year & borrow all the books (after a 5book limit for 1st year) Printing is funky, but they can print from two main libraries on campus. There is now guest wifi too. Details on all of the above: ‎· Stephªnℹ︎eCogScℹ︎Lℹ︎brªrℹ︎ªn