Guys I met @MegvMeg today and she and I are both real!
No way! ‎- lris
What was the occasion? ‎- orgmonkey
I know @cpikas is real, so by extension, I know @megvmeg is real! #Logic ‎- StephanieCogSciLibrarian
International Conference on Science of Science Policy #icss2016 ‎- Christina Pikas
IT'S ALL TRUE ‎- Meg Vmeg
I concur that MegVmeg is real because I've met her. So following @cogscilibrarian's logic, @cpikas is real as is @cogscilibrarian. My world is TOTALLY expanding. ;) ‎- ellbeecee
I've met @cpikas, @megvmeg AND @cogscilibrarian. Does this make me the realest one of all? ‎- John Dupuis
@dupuisj: I think you also have met @oajoe. fwiw. (oooh, and I met galadriel, who now works at MFPOW, and is sort of who my former boss used to be) ‎- StephanieCogSciLibrarian
I think I've got seven of you under my belt! And how many points do I get for spending four whole years with @lris?? ‎- Lily
+5000 for working with Iris for 4 years ‎- Dani (aka ashuping)
I still say that I made you all up. ‎- MoTO Babycakes
I have seen Meg in 3 different states! Or someone doing a very good impersonation of her. ‎- laura x
All these real people! Sigh. So many feels for the reals. ‎- Galadriel
@cogscilibrarian For sure I've met @oajoe a few times, @libskrat and @stephenfrancoeur and @waltcrawford and @ashuping too now that I think of it. @djfiander is localish so we've also met a bunch of times over the years. I'm probably forgetting a few.... ‎- John Dupuis
@barrywynn: Nuh uh! You've met me IRL! ‎- Kirsten
If @barrywynn made me up, does that mean I can go home and take a nap now, instead of having to be at work? ‎- Catherine
Whoops, sorry, @cpellegr, I've met you IRL so you are not made up (and I'm sorry this means you can't go home for a nap). ‎- orgmonkey
I'm not sure any of you are real but you're pretty awesome anyway. ‎- Deborah Fitchett
I've probably met 6? 10? 15+ of these folks...and I'm pretty sure we're all figments of your imagination. Which isn't a bad thing. ‎- Walt Crawford
Who are you people? ‎- Ell Bee carless
I am totally imaginary. ‎- LibSkrat
Further confirming that they are both real. ‎- Julian
What? I am not real, just a figment. ‎- I used to be jokrausdu
I've also met @oajoe and @libskrat (the first time I met @libskrat was at CiL when she was still working at GMU), and yes @dupuisj and @cogscilibrarian ‎- Christina Pikas
@oajoe you can't be figment, Figment is sitting on my desk currently... Yes I have a tiny magnetic Figment (the purple dragon from EPCOT) that resides on my desk... ‎- YoungGeekyLibrarian