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I welcome any ideas for help with this research question... "I am doing a presentation on the history of music in Spain with a focus on Folk music. At the moment I need to make an annotated bibliography of sources that are in Spanish. I have had no luck finding sources in Spanish on google scholar or the library website."
Something like this? "Historia de la música española. 7. El folklore musical" EDIT: I found it via a Google Scholar search for musica folklorica espanola (also try musica folclorica espanola) ‎· bentley
I also found a citation for something called "Bibliografía de folklore musical español" (1994) by Emilio Rey Garcia. ‎· bentley
Did you switch to the Spain iteration of Google Scholar? ‎· mehlib
(Me? No, I didn't try that. I didn't change anything.) ‎· bentley
I did this recently for a nursing prof looking for French publications. Tricky for me since I don't speak French, but fortunately the faculty person does. ‎· mehlib
Slim pickings searching "folk music" and Spain or Spanish on ProQuest limiting to Spanish (esp. b/c many are translated anyway), but perhaps a couple of leads this way? ‎· Lily
Well, I assume particular styles of folk music have specific names ‎· mehlib
I wound up sending him to IIMP, JSTOR and Project Muse - all allow limiting the language to Spanish. Using Spanish-language search terms also helped. This was one of those "I've already written the speech, but I need 7 sources" questions. ‎· Courtney F
Excellent! FWIW, I just tried for trikitixa and got stuff. I think use of specific Spanish search terms, as you mention above, is key. Also, one cynically wonders what sources this student used to write the presentation before they had any sources. ‎· mehlib
something he found online :) he was not specific as to what, though :) ‎· Courtney F
I've actually had students come in the day after they presented the presentation looking for sources because they weren't required to turn their written work in until after they had already presented! ‎· YoungGeekyLibrarian
no worries here about plagiarism. nope. ‎· mehlib