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Dear adjunct professor who apparently told his students to use Google Scholar and then email me asking for access to their articles, Please stop! No love, Me. (I'm hoping that I can clear it up for him (for future classes) and the students (for now!) when I talk to his class tomorrow)
ohhhh nooooooooooooooooo ‎· LibSkrat
nnnnnnnoooooOOOOOOOooooooooooo ‎· Catherine
And a great wailing went up across library land, and there was much flailing and gnashing of teeth. Woe be unto clueless instructors! ‎· Kirsten
Don't forget the rending of garments. GARMENTS WERE RENDED, PEOPLE. ‎· Catherine
on the other hand, i now have a pretty good idea of their research topics before tomorrow's class.... *sigh* ‎· Courtney F
Hey, I get cold without my garments! ‎· Kirsten
omg, whyyyyy ‎· Lily
*head desk* why why why [In defense of my own institution's faculty, we get very little of this kind of thing honestly...] ‎· YoungGeekyLibrarian
*ded* at Stephanie's passive voice. ‎· Catherine
It would handy if adjuncts could be handed a your-library101 sheet with their contracts. ‎· heyther