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So I am looking for software of some sort that can both serve as a directory of branches and collect statistics (number of visitors a month, number of events a month). Am I asking for something that exists and if so, how do I find it?
possibly Gimlet? kinda refdesky though. ‎- LibSkrat
LibSomething from Springshare? ‎- Catherine
LibSkrat: I mean, Gimlet & Sidecar speak languages I appreciate, mixed drinks wise. ‎- zamms
Catherine: I was looking at Springshare, but I was having trouble scaling it up. I met with them at CIL so I may give them a try again. ‎- zamms
I haven't followed their whole product line carefully (we just use LibGuides) but I'd bet that something of theirs would do what you need. ‎- Catherine
It's cloud-based, right? That might be one of the issues I had earlier... ‎- zamms
Ours certainly is; we never investigated a locally-hosted option. ‎- Catherine
Did I mention that my question is a bit insane? CAVEATASTIC. ‎- zamms
years ago we looked at libguides and we could not because of the openness. like they didn't even have a model where you wouldn't want the world to see. ‎- Christina Pikas
Does anyone have any experience with LibPAS? ‎- zamms