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I'm between books right now, and Mount ToBeRead is overwhelming. What are you reading right now, and are you enjoying it?
I'm rereading Ben Aaronovitch's Broken Homes as I wait for books on my ToBeRead list to either be released by the publisher or arrive via ILL. I enjoy the entire Rivers of London series but, to be honest, Broken Homes is probably my least favorite in the series (I'm actually re-reading the entire series between book arrivals so I can prepare for the June release of The Hanging Tree). ‎· Soup
Blameless by Carriger. Her books are pretty fun. ‎· Christina Pikas
Currently reading Masks and Shadows by Stephanie Burgis, which is historical - 1779 Hapsburg Empire, plots abound. I snagged it for the setting and the music parts but I'm finding it amusing. Have to seriously seriously plug Seanan McGuire's novella that just came out, Every Heart a Doorway, though. ‎· Jen Arnott
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