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Codsignal! Help, I need to make an emergency list of potential gizmos for a maker space proposal! Beyond the standard (ie. 3d printers, robotics kits, sewing machine...) what sounds like a good idea to everyone out there? Or even something that sounds like a bad idea, which could be useful at this stage.
play doh. Seriously. Some kind of puddy might be great for tactile modeling ‎· Rudibrarian
All kinds of writing implement sharpeners (crayon, pencil, whatnot.) ‎· Jennifer D.
Hot glue guns, iron and ironing board, knitting needles. See also ; ; and Pump Station 1 here in Chicago has a nice equipment list: ‎· hedgielib
Thanks! I hadn't thought of play doh or stuff like that, which could definitely be a good thing, especially (hopefully) if we end up with a carpet-free area. ‎· John Dupuis
wire cutters and such for beading peoples like myself. :-) ‎· Stephªnℹ︎eCogScℹ︎Lℹ︎brªrℹ︎ªn
button maker ‎· rachelw
If you're going techie at all, quite a few makerspaces have A/V labs. Some are A/V rescue; most are more production-oriented. ‎· LibSkrat
Thanks, everyone. Some great ideas. We are definitely thinking in terms of A/V but I think space will be a limiting factor for that one. My task this week will be to price some of the options at a very ballpark level. More suggestions always welcome! ‎· John Dupuis
Lego. ‎· Deborah Fitchett
Soldering iron. ‎· Catherine
I assume you've already thought of Raspberry Pis and Arduinos, right? ‎· Mr. Noodle