Mistress Evilyne, a caring dominatrix in Kent UK has invited the locals to have a spot of tea in her dungeon so they can see that her activities are actually contributing the sexual and emotional health of their community. Residents of this tiny, conservative village have objected to her place of business being so visible on the High Street, because they believe it will give children the wrong idea about the power of love and desire. ‎· lynnruth ‎· 1
I think this is very wise move for Mistress Evilyne to do. We all need to see for ourselves that chaining people to beds and flogging them are safe, sane and consensual activities. We ought to know that there are those among us who enjoy being whipped by a stranger in a Renaissance costume and there are women whose heart’s desire is to be suspended from the ceiling on a rope. To each his own, I always say. These are, after all facets of the human condition and it is good for us all to understand them and know how to cope when someone comes up to us and wants to be smashed into a pulp. ‎· lynnruth
There is the question of exposing children to this kind of activity. After all young innocent minds might not be able to comprehend the joy and exhilaration participants experience when they are locked into a medieval stock and their playmates throw tomatoes and custard pies at them. This is all part of the excitement. It is very important for our children to understand that play can take on many forms, and some of them involve getting your knees scraped or ending up with egg on your face. I always say, it is never too early to teach your child about life. ‎· lynnruth ‎· 1
I agree with everyone ‎· Downloads Showbox ‎· 1