رونوشت به اون آقای همیشه سبز سوال دار و فیو + و از این حرفا :)) ‎· Mahdi
I was called :D, see even the leopard or cheetah (don't know which it is) dare not attack a giraffe in its glory :D ‎· SaeedTheGiraffe ?
@saeedgreen Giraffes are the most glorious animal in the world, who dare to attack them. Just look at the height of giraffe :)) I am sure lion said WTF and after that converted to a vegan lion :D ‎· Mahdi
hahaha getting your point across no matter what :)))), non the less can't deny the power of giraffe, may our necks ever stand upright :D ‎· SaeedTheGiraffe ?
@saeedgreen Giraffes are vegan too, then I simply love them. Please keep it top secret :)) ‎· Mahdi
well lemme tell you something top secret myself, I'm not any giraffe, I eat meat and drink tea, I'm the one and only FF giraffe resident :D ‎· SaeedTheGiraffe ?
@saeedgreen You are a fake giraffe, In fact you might be a lion instead of an innocent giraffe :)) ‎· Mahdi
how dare you? :))))) ask any giraffe, they love me:D, and I'm not cannibalistic so it's all fun between us giraffes :D ‎· SaeedTheGiraffe ?
@saeedgreen You can be cannibal as well, all giraffes should be aware about that :)) ‎· Mahdi
ewwww, how could you even suggest such atrocities ? :| :))) ‎· SaeedTheGiraffe ?
@saeedgreen Try to be vegan, all giraffes will love you :)) ‎· Mahdi
I'm their representative not you :)))) ‎· SaeedTheGiraffe ?
@saeedgreen They don't need fake representative, where is my vote? :))) ‎· Mahdi
you're not a giraffe, you don't even know our national anthem :D :))) ‎· SaeedTheGiraffe ?
@saeedgreen I have sympathy with them, they know me well. they are my friend, we have the same habit :)) ‎· Mahdi
sympathy is appreciated but it's not enough, you need to be one to be eligible for voting :D ‎· SaeedTheGiraffe ?
@saeedgreen Are you Guardian Council (Shoray Neghban), Are you Janati? how dare you reject my eligibility? WTH :)))) ‎· Mahdi
dude you need to be a giraffe to vote , it's got nothing to do with me :))) ‎· SaeedTheGiraffe ?
@saeedgreen Are all human which participate in voting system are real human? :)) ‎· Mahdi