I really like the pottery! ‎· Halil
Me too :-) ‎· maitani
فوش بدم؟:/ ‎· shompi
@maitani چرا فحش تا وقتی میشود مذاکره کرد :دی ‎· Mahdi
This pottery is so nice :) ‎· Mahdi
@mahdiebrahimi1: تو جایی برای مذاکره گذاشتی اخه:))) ‎· shompi
@shompi: همیشه جا برای مذاکره هست :)) ‎· Mahdi
it looks like turkish coffee. what is the difference? ‎· ras
@ras There are some differences during the preparation of Bosnian coffee compared to Turkish coffee. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkish coffee is also called "Bosnian coffee" (Bosnian: bosanska kahva), which is made slightly differently from its Turkish counterpart. Another difference from the Turkish preparation is that when the water reaches its boiling point, a small amount is saved aside for later, usually in a coffee cup. Then, the coffee is added to the pot (džezva), and the remaining water in the cup is added to the pot. Everything is put back on the heat source to reach its boiling point again, which only takes a couple of seconds since the coffee is already very hot.[8] Coffee drinking in Bosnia is a traditional daily custom and plays an important role during social gatherings. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkish_coffee https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYPFuJGAzOY ‎· Mahdi
Mahdi, thank you for this nice explanation. ‎· ras
@ras You are welcome! ‎· Mahdi