Another masterpiece from Bollywood :)
:))))))))))))))) آبادانی ها اسمشون بد در رفته والا ‎· Mamad
Which movie? ‎· jeaquares
@mirzaie آبادانی ها :دی ‎· Mahdi
@jeaquares: I don't know the name of movie. ‎· Mahdi
@mahdiebrahimi1: then how do you know that it's from Bollywood? ‎· jeaquares
I NEED THIS MOVIE'S NAME. ‎· jeaquares
@jeaquares Normally just Bollywood movies are like this. I have several proofs for this statement :) ‎· Mahdi
@mahdiebrahimi1: when I used this image to search Google, it only listed pages in Persian. Can it be one of your movies? ‎· jeaquares
@jeaquares I am not a director :). By the way this youtube channel might make it : ‎· Mahdi
@mahdiebrahimi1 ;___; when I said "your movies" I meant "your" as "Iranian people's/culture's". I mean could this movie be from not Bollywood but your own cinema? Maybe it was shot in Iran or some other Persian-speaking country? ‎· jeaquares
@jeaquares: I think it is just computer generated clip. I have never seen such kind of masterpiece in Persian movie. I will try to find the movie name if available. ‎· Mahdi