VEGAN OLIVER SALAD (Persian: سالاد الویه وگان) Oliver salad is one of my favorite salad, although olivier salad is a traditional Russian dish, you can find it at many restaurants in Iran. I have veganized this salad to be healthier and more delicious. INGREDIENTS 1 kg potatoes 100 g carrots cooked and chopped 100 g green peas 50 g corn kernels 1 tsp ground black pepper 1 tsp Himalayan rock salt 100 g cherry tomatoes 100 g pickled cucumbers Vegan mayonnaise 200 g silken tofu 1 cup sunflower seed oil 3 tbsp apple vinegar 1 tsp salt 1 tsp mustard powder INSTRUCTIONS Cook all potatoes, carrot and green peas until soft. Peel potatoes and smash them. I like to make this salad fully manually then I used mortar to smash the potatoes but you can use food processor as well. Chop carrots then add carrot, corn kernels, green peas, salt and black pepper and mixed them well with hand. For vegan mayonnaise mix all ingredients in a blender and blend with high speed for one minute. I have few other type of vegan mayo which later will share the recipes. Add half mayonnaise to the salad and mix it well with all the ingredients. The rest of mayo cane be used for garnishing the salad. It is better to keep salad for 3 hours in the refrigerator and then serve it. I serve it with flat bread, cherry tomatoes and pickled cucumbers. #vegan #veganbaking
سالاد الویه وگان مواد لازم این سالاد دقیقا شبیه سالاد معمولی هست فقط من از سس مایونز وگان استفاده کردم. دستور سس مایونز رو در زیر میتونید ببینید مواد لازم: ۲۰۰ گرم توفوی نرم یک فنجان روغن آفتابگردان یک ق غ سرکه سیب یک ق غ نمک یک ق چ خردل خرد شده روش تهیه : همه مواد رو داخل مخلوط کن بریزید تا یک مایع سفت و یکدست بدست بیاد. و با بقیه مواد سالاد مخلوطش کنید. #گیاهخواری #وگان ‎· Mahdi