Ash reshteh (Persian: آش رشته‎‎) is a type of āsh (thick soup) featuring reshteh (thin noodles), kashk (a whey-like, fermented dairy product. I replaced it with vegan hazelnut kashk), commonly made in Iran and Azerbaijan. There are more than 50 types of thick soup (āsh) in Iranian cooking, this being one of the more popular types. The ingredients used are reshteh (thin noodles), kashk (a whey-like, fermented dairy product), herbs such as parsley, spinach, dill, spring onion ends and sometimes coriander, chick peas, black eye beans, lentils, onions, flour, dried mint, garlic, oil, salt and pepper. This is a soup that is vegetarian but can easily be made vegan if you omit using the kashk or make a vegan kashk. Traditional Ash reshteh is served at special Iranian events, like Nowruz, Sizdah be-dar or during winter time. The noodles are supposed to symbolize good fortune for the new year. Vegan Kashk recipe: Ingredients: 1 cup hazelnut soaked overnight 1 tsp soy lecithin 1 tbsp salt 1 tsp nutritional yeast 1/2 cup water Directions: Drain water from hazelnuts mix all the ingredients in a high speed blender and blend well until smooth. You can keep it in refrigerator for at least one month. #veganbaking #eggfree #dairyfree #homebaked #instafood #veganfood #veganfoodshare #food_of_our_world #veganforanimals #foodpics #instayum #veganfoodlover #bestofvegan #veganman
آش رشته با کشک گیاهی دستور آش رو که همه از من بهتر بلدند و استادند. میمونه کشک گیاهی که دستورش زیر آمده: مواد لازم یک فنجان فندق که شب قبل در آب خیس خورده باشه یک ق غ لسیتین یک ق غ مخمر غذایی یک ق چ نمک نصف لیوان آب همه مواد رو داخل مخلوط کن بریزید و خوب مخلوط کنید تا کشک آماده بشه. #گیاهخواری #وگان ‎· Mahdi
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@walter This wheat noodle is so delicious! ‎· Mahdi
yep, I know. whe have the same noodles in TR. the name comes from reshteh: erişte ‎· walter
@walter I have been in TR last few years and I can confess that many food in TR are similar to Iranian food. ‎· Mahdi
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