#sinceFFdied I barely finished my master's thesis, and after submitting it, got very sick with a bronchitis. I started teaching German to groups of refugees, and I have volunteered to give lessons to kids from Ethiopia, which I love to do.
nice :) ‎- seyif
You're a good egg. :) ‎- Jenny H.
awesome! congrats btw ‎- aralik
Awesome! ‎- SAM
Thanks :-) ‎- maitani
*master's fistbump* ‎- Pete Smith
*fistbump* ‎- maitani
Good on you :) ‎- DArA
Vouav! <3 ‎- eyfiti
Herzlichen Glückwunsch ! ^-^ ‎- etesien
Will you be as active now that you are on mokum and frenf.it? ‎- mentegatto
Teaching is my job,there's no choice about that. And as to these kids, I care about them, so I make time for them. ‎- maitani
It will be a bit more difficult to see to my studies though, just as it was in the times of friendfeed. :-) ‎- maitani