Teenagers' role in language change is overstated, linguistics research finds http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/01/160114122029.htm
"Our research has shown teens are being dynamic with language, but not necessarily in a consistent way," Kohn said. "We aren't eliminating the possibility that teenagers are driving sound change, but we might be grossly overstating the role of teenagers." ‎- maitani
Publication of the American Dialect Society http://pads.dukejournals.org/content/99/1 ‎- maitani
How can I find out whether this place already has a linguistics group? ‎- maitani
i think we don't have. just you do it :) ‎- seyif
What status should I choose, so users feel comfortable to post there? "Visible only to Mokum users"? ‎- maitani
that's what I chose for my group :) ‎- Pete Smith