A little snow and an iced mill wheel
Which town is this, Maitani? ‎· Jenny H.
Würzburg ‎· maitani
It's very picturesque! ‎· Jenny H.
It has lovely places to walk around and look at. I love to visit them in different seasons and different times of day. ‎· maitani
Hallöchen ‎· radagast
Hello, @radagast , you know this town? :-) ‎· maitani
no. I thought that you were german ‎· radagast
Bin ich. Aber bisher habe ich niemanden hier gesehen, der auf Deutsch kommuniziert. Ich war schon auf ff fast allein mit meiner Sprache. ‎· maitani
Ja, die Deutschen mögen FF nicht besonders. Nur glaub ich schon, dass da ein paar Deutsche sind. Zumindest sehe ich ab und zu einige deutsche Posts.. ‎· radagast
es gibt hier viele menschen die versuchen Deutsch zu lernen :( ‎· hacikenks
:( , weil es schwierig ist? Oder weil die Deutschkurse zu teuer oder schlecht sind? ‎· maitani
Weil man zu wenige Leute kennt, mit denen man Deutsch sprechen kann? ‎· maitani
beides. besonders das zweite (ich meine es gibt wenige Leute) ‎· hacikenks
*whispers* I'm a little excited that I still understand enough German to follow the conversation. Passive vocabulary is still good even though I can't remember which words to use when writing or speaking. ‎· k8s
How long have you had no opportunity to practice it? ‎· maitani
maitani bringe uns Deutsch bei! ‎· seyif
Wir Russen haben hier https://mokum.place/gruppentherapie. Man könnte da auf Deutsch sprechen, aber ich bin sicher dass jeder da auch Englisch gut verstehen kann. Einige wohnen auch in Deutschland, einschließlich mir (Oberursel). ‎· Timur
maitani - Oh, about a decade. I used to make more of an effort to at least read a book now and then, but I got out of the habit. The last time I really used it was when I took a grad-level German lit class to fulfill a language requirement for another grad program (my undergrad degree is in German, so I took a higher level course than was required). The closest thing to German speakers around here are the Amish who speak a dialect that has strong roots in the language. I can often pick up part of what they're saying, but I wouldn't know how to construct conversations in that dialect. ‎· k8s
k8s - my experience with the English language is somewhat similar to your story. I successfully studied English at school, but subsequently took to reading English books, mostly novels, nothing more. During the course of the years I read quite a lot and acquired a huge passive vocabulary (plus good grammar skills), but I was unable to join even the simplest conversation. ‎· maitani
This didn't really bother me as long as there was no one I wanted to talk to in English. But with friendfeed and twitter came the desire to communicate with people, but I couldn't. Slowly, by trying to imitate people's expressions and "asking" Google whether the phrases I wanted to use might be appropriate, I became fit to at least start and carry on a conversation, and I don't need as much time for it as I needed before. ‎· maitani
But I still often feel awkward using English. ‎· maitani
Google Translate is a beautiful thing. It's not always perfect, but it's great for quick translation or confirming whether something is right or not. ‎· k8s
It is, but I used the search engine. Just put a phrase between " " and checked what I got. ‎· maitani
That is also an option. :) ‎· k8s