Why is Bernie Sanders' pronunciation different from that of other US-Americans I have heard talking?
They have accents there too ;) ‎- Pete Smith
Oooooh Pete. ‎- maitani
Also it may be generational / class (gasp!) ‎- Pete Smith
Where does his accent come from? ‎- maitani
Thank you :-) ‎- maitani
Cities in the Northeast each have their own distinctive accent(s). The ones used as proxies for an "American" accent are usually from the Midwest or West Coast (or sometimes the South, depending on the context). ‎- John B.
very New York City. #SoundsLikeHome ‎- StephanieCogSciLibrarian
I remember having a conversation with my sister when we were young. I said we had an accent, she said we didn't. I said, "To the people in the southeast or northeast, we sound very funny." She responded, "No we don't, Jenny. We sound like the people on tv." Well, then. ‎- Jenny H.
We did an accent thing back in the day (when FF was still around) where everyone posted a video of themselves saying the same thing. Mine was greeted with "wow - you have no accent at all" and I responded with, well, I'm from Missouri - that's the default US accent, you know. ‎- Robin "webgoddess" hastings
There are regional accents and dialects in different parts of the US just like in any other country. One can't really take what is portrayed in American films and television as being accurate. ‎- Smooth Young Priest
Another anomaly: regardless of where you grew up, how the people who raised you speak can also have a profound impact. I grew up in Texas but my father was from Kansas and my mother was from Brooklyn, consequently I got many stares from other children when I began school. ‎- Smooth Young Priest
When my mom started college in 1959 at a university in Indiana (that's in the midwest), the boy in line in front of her was almost placed in Remedial Speech, until someone leaned over and explained, "It's okay. He's from New York." ‎- bentley
Here's a bit on the NYC dialect: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_York_City_English ‎- John B.
try watching Justified ‎- Jason Fleming
I was reading an article by William Labov just today, where he describes the dialects of various North American cities. I have also studied his work on Martha's Vineyard before. But I never got around to listening to various speakers of these dialects. ‎- maitani
So I was surprised when I realized how really big the difference between Sanders' Brooklyn dialect and those I heard before is. ‎- maitani
I code switch accents without thinking about it. And Waif says that the way I drop into what she calls "old southern black" is kind of creepy. ‎- MoTO Babycakes
I love watching people switch code. Most switch to their native dialect when they talk to a close relative, or when they are just talking to a person that is speaking another dialect, just not the standard variety. That's so cute! ‎- maitani