February is my favorite month.
My wife, looking at the flowers: is that someone in Germany, too? ‎- Timur
I saw the first crocuses of the year this week in New Jersey too. ‎- John B.
@timurzil, to think that we are little more than 100 km apart! As far as I remember, I never knew anyone on ff who lived that near. :-) ‎- maitani
Looks like our April :) ‎- Eivind
It used to be colder and more like winter even a few years ago. It's alarming to see the pace of change speeding up. ‎- maitani
I really loved the old Februaries. ‎- maitani
Me too :) ‎- Mahdi
@maitani come to think of it, me too. There are people in Berlin and München, and in the Netherlands. Still, today's +3 and a strong nothern wind in the outskirts of Frankfurt were not much like spring :) even though it would be considered mild in central Russia. ‎- Timur
You are somewhat east from Frankfurt, aren't you? ‎- Timur
In Würzburg. ‎- maitani