EU’s evil Plan B: Cutting the Balkan Route, Bottling up thousands of Refugees and Migrants in Greece
“Senior European officials are embracing the so-far taboo idea of cutting off the migrant trail in Greece, a step that they acknowledge could create a humanitarian crisis in the country, says a report in the Wall Street Journal. This so-called Plan B, floated until now only by Europe’s populist leaders, is a sign of rapidly waning confidence in other European Union policies to deal with the migration crisis—in particular in German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s game plan of relying mainly on Turkey to stem the human tide.” ‎- maitani
"At the end of the Balkan Route, the truth is this: Austria’s domino-effect initiative for borders closure serves primarily Germany’s interests for fewer refugees and migrants. Mutti will keep polishing around her image as political correct leader with a vision." ‎- maitani