Nowruz 2016: Who are Persia's Zoroastrians and why is their festival being celebrated in India? ‎- maitani
"On 20 March a number of people of the Zoroastrian faith will mark the festival of Nowruz. This is the Iranian New Year and is celebrated on the vernal equinox to mark the beginning of spring, with the word "Nowruz" translating to "new day". In 2009 the United Nations put Nowruz on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The following year, the United Nations General Assembly voted to mark 21 March as International Nowruz Day." ‎- maitani
"While Nowruz is primarily recognised as the Iranian New Year, countries around the world commemorate the day, particularly India. India hosts the world's biggest population of Zoroastrians, despite the religion having its origins in Persia." ‎- maitani