Silberteich bei Braunlage
awesome! fall season I guess ‎- aralık
I took the photos today. :-) ‎- maitani
Looks like a lovely place for a walk. ‎- Kirsten
It is. I had a very nice walk to the lake this afternoon. ‎- maitani
In past years, they had snow around Easter. ‎- maitani
@maitani And this year Easter was about as early in the year as it can possibly be. Still we were even running out of snow at our mountain cabin. Where we live there's nothing. ‎- Eivind
I still want to hope that next year the Easter snow will be back. ‎- maitani
As long as our cabin has snow, I'm willing to have spring at home :) ‎- Eivind