"...Along Helinganstädter Strasse, at the end of the U4 U-Bahn, stands a building that even its greatest admirers would not describe as magnificent or beautiful. It is, however, historically significant – though of a history that is often forgotten – and architecturally striking. The Karl Marx Hof, built between 1927 and 1930, is perhaps the greatest architectural monument to the days of ‘Red Vienna’ – the days when the city of Vienna was a major site of working class struggle. Sometimes described as the largest council block in Europe, Karl Marx Hof, which can sometimes look like a barricade from the outside, was a battlefield during the short-lived Austrian civil war of 1934, shelled by the army, attacked by right-wing paramilitaries, defended by its inhabitants. For both sides the building was not simply the home to thousands of working class radicals, but also symbolic of the struggle for a new Austria." ‎- maitani