Celebrating Self-Taught Artists at a Center in Austria http://www.nytimes.com/2016/06/29/arts/design/celebrating-art...
"By choice or by chance, the visionary autodidacts whose works fall into the related categories of Art Brut and outsider art find themselves on the margins of conventional culture and society, even if their creations sometimes draw on ideas from the popular mainstream." ‎- maitani
"...At the same time, the field of self-taught art has developed significant outposts of its own. One of them is Art Brut Center Gugging, a cultural complex in this village north of Vienna that focuses on the intersection of art and psychiatric treatment. The center’s Museum Gugging is commemorating its 10th anniversary with the recently opened exhibition “johann hauser… i’m the artist!” (on view through Jan. 8), which showcases the work of the Austrian Art Brut master Johann Hauser (1926-1996), a longtime resident of the facility." ‎- maitani