I am in Canada! I had Canadian Thanksgiving for the first time in 20 years! Have seen more relatives and done more healing than you could shake a stick at.
O Canada! ‎· LibSkrat ‎· 2
I just organized all of my colored pencils by color(ish). And since I was organizing them anyway, I counted them. There are 232. I also have about 130 markers, 150 coloring pens, and a few dozen crayons.
My inner 8 year old says we have WON ALL THE THINGS. ‎· Marianne
hrmmm....i think. i think you need more pencils. just another 50 or so. or maybe a 100 more. ‎· Dani (aka ashuping)
#sinceFFdied I read 466 books last year, and bought tickets to Paris for March of this year. Otherwise things are pretty much business as usual.
Oh yeah, also I remembered that I like to color. A LOT. and listen to podcasts. 2 things I forgot about during grad school :D. And we got 2 more cats (now we have 5). ‎· Marianne
But counting just books and comics it's pretty inaccurate. I think we should be able to add mokum thread on goodreads too. ‎· ironicmokum
Lying in bed this morning thinking "gee, what can I do for a halfhour... I KNOW!!!!" Hurrah for mokum!
halfhour? ha-ha! ‎· love is endless oil and stone