#sinceFFdied I read 466 books last year, and bought tickets to Paris for March of this year. Otherwise things are pretty much business as usual.
Oh yeah, also I remembered that I like to color. A LOT. and listen to podcasts. 2 things I forgot about during grad school :D. And we got 2 more cats (now we have 5). ‎· Marianne
Grad school will definitely do that to a person. And Paris! Fun! ‎· Kirsten
I keep looking back at that 466 books. In awe. AWE! ‎· Rudibrarian
About 1/2 of them were picture books or comic books. :D ‎· Marianne
466 books? :s ‎· seyif
6'yı basılı unutmuşun marienne kardeşim ‎· myneminene
Ya mini mini cizgiromanlarmis u.u ‎· hia
466? How many total do you reckon? ‎· MoTO Babycakes
How many books per day?!!! ‎· مرتضی
6'yı basılı unutmuşun marienne kardeşim ‎- myneminene hohıogı ‎· marvin
FF died on April 10th. This means 280 days have passed since then, which in the end means 1.66 books/day. Well done! ‎· feliz
esticazzi ‎· yespa
like yespa said ‎· ironicmokum
er, that was 466 books all year. Probably only around 400 since ff died. Just for clarity. ‎· Marianne
yeah but lifetime total. any guess? ‎· MoTO Babycakes
Oh, lord, Moto, I couldn't begin to guess. When I was a pre-teen and a teenager I read about 30 books a week, for years, until I got out from under and developed a social life. somewhere between 8000 and 10000? Maybe more. ‎· Marianne
More than #sticazzi, my reaction is #mecojoni! ‎· lui
Cin Ali serisini mi okudun amk, günde 1 kitaptan fazla nasıl okuyorsun. ‎· Ayı
Wow. Do you have an account on Goodreads or Anobii? ‎· Batchiara
Kütüphane gibi herif! ‎· laforgue
Herif degil kadin! ‎· hia
25 hours a day :)) lol ‎· Mandarin
Yaptığı heriflik ama. ‎· laforgue
congrats, you would be very inspiring among your friends. ‎· furi
But counting just books and comics it's pretty inaccurate. I think we should be able to add mokum thread on goodreads too. ‎· ironicmokum