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Hello friends. These days mostly what I have been doing besides work (same job) is read various types of fiction in various stages of manuscript, as a labor of love, and talk to a very few people online one-on-one nearly incessantly. We just had a houseguest for more than a week and it went Very Very Well Indeed. Oh, and I'm still in my gaming group with bevedog et al, and I get out and about a few more times a week with various local peeps, have not gone full hermit in quite a while, just rather hermited from online broad-spectrum stuff. I'm good, Jay's good, the two kitties we still have are great but we lost one last week (Momo) to a sudden acute increase in his kidney struggles. Life is very full, quite odd, and overflowing with delights. I do check in on y'all from time to time, even when I don't have brain for commenting. <3 <3 <3.


Hi Marianne! Always great to see you. So sorry about Momo.

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So sorry to hear about Momo. <3

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