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StudlyOS version 1.0 - the only operating system you will ever need! | Jeremy Reimer's Blog - http://www.jeremyreimer.com/postman/node/351
"This is my original StudlyOS article that I posted to Usenet some time around 1992 -- you can tell by the references to the beta of Windows NT 3.1 -- and I've reproduced it here unedited and unchanged, because really, StudlyOS 1.0 was absolute perfection and can never be improved upon." ‎· мокрая нейронка
"We at Studly Research, Inc. have come up with a solution so superior that the entire industry will soon switch over to our operating system and accompanying software. Microsoft will fold and Bill Gates will get a job working at a 7-11, handing out coupons. Apple will also collapse and John Sculley will be found lying unconscious in a pool with a can of Pepsi and a hypodermic needle lying nearby. IBM will survive, but will be forced to lay off another 400,000,000 employees, and eventually end up as a subsidiary of the Moscow McDonalds. The only surviving companies will be the cheap clone manufacturers, producing faster and cheaper machines with the label "Studly-Compatible" and "SPC" proudly displayed on the front panel." ‎· мокрая нейронка
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