Ready for a long story?
I slipped on some ice. The End ‎- Micah
Ow. ‎- bentley
:-( ‎- John B.
Now that you've warmed us up with an icebreaker, what else? ‎- louisgray
I went down faster than a Silicon CEO in a compliance audit. ‎- Micah
^^^ HAR ‎- Spidra Webster
I hope they're not going to revoke your Canadian card. (Also, get well soon.) ‎- Spidra Webster
This is what happens when Internet Dads get old. Be careful! ‎- Kristin
:-( ‎- Kirsten
:( ‎- Pea Bukowski
One ain't kill ya, makes ya mo & mo stronger bro. Try not not to get that much strength&hope to see you well soon. ^^ ‎- Arfin Kiriloğlu