My high school age son is going to visit his uncle and fam this summer in Castro Valley. IDEAS FOR THINGS TO DO? (maybe beyond the typical touristy stuff)
Like stuff in the area, or just fun stuff to do in general? ‎· Jennifer D.
Smoke some cigars. Oh, wait. ‎· Kristin
In the area, but toss in whatever thoughts you have. Thanks! ‎· Micah
Cubans only. ‎· Micah
What things/subjects does your son like? ‎· Spidra Webster
Marvel comics, orchestral band, high adventure, delicious food. ‎· Micah
And curling. ‎· Micah
Maybe they have shuffleboards in the valley? That's kind of like curling. ‎· Eivind
I don't know much about Castro Valley specifically. I think I may have passed through it once in my entire time living in the Bay Area. I assume he's not averse to hopping on BART? Dr. Comics & Mr. Games in Oakland is a recommended comic shop. Games of Berkeley is a great game shop. Atlas Oscura is a good source for odd things to do The Iron Horse trail is a nice north-south bike ride/walk with less car traffic to contend with. Ardenwood Farm has some neat events It's only once a year now but the Gaskell Ball is a great chance to hear a live brass band playing dance music and witness/participate in vintage ballroom dancing. PEERS is another vintage ballroom dancing thing but crosses eras and for summer they're throwing Captain America's Ball. The balls are all ages events. There is curling in the Bay Area. There are various historic places around like the Pardee Home Museum, Peralta Hacienda There's a list of Alameda County sites here: And Contra Costa County: Visiting these small historic sites is often cheap or free and visiting John Muir's home in Martinez or some of the adobe spots helps one get a feel for the Spanish, Mexican, and Gringo periods of California's history. It's too bad Laughing Squid no longer offers its calendar. That was a sure-fire place to find news of the weird for the Bay Area. ‎· Spidra Webster
I went bowling there for a tournament once ‎· rodfather
*tap tap* Is this Micah on? ‎· Spidra Webster
Oh hey - that is an awesome list, thank you x1000, Spidra. I'll need some time to absorb it and see if I have any questions. ‎· Micah