How does this make you feel?
It makes me feel like there are a lot of missed opportunities for connections. ‎· John B.
^ this. ‎· Dani (aka ashuping)
It's a nice start. When will it be finished? :D ‎· Hey, it's CAJ!
Wow, that is a very tidy set of wires. ‎· laura x
Not my doing. Found image. But tonight kind of struck me as a Rorschach test. ‎· Micah
This lilac goes together nice with green. ‎· Cat d'Ivoire
Looks sexy. Yes, my husband is a sysadmin ‎· senior minority counsel
Impressed. Reminds me of our network guy at an old job. He was just as tidy. ‎· ronin
Satisfied/frustrated. So tidy and right. But you'll never be able to re-bundle it just as tidy after some future maintenance. ‎· kmbnrn
aha !!! kablo sanatı :)olmuş bu net:) ‎· neferteti
ORGHL ‎· Pea Bukowski
@kmbnrn those are not maintainable. You test, bundle, certify and then don't fucking touch the permanent links. ever. In part because the sheath will soon lose plastifier and become brittle. I'm not a fan of hard nylon ties for that particular purpose though. ‎· Buttbuttin
Excuse me while i go buy some zap-straps and crawl behind my TV. ‎· Ken Morley
Ooo - look at the neat order of all those wires! Also, is there such a thing as a purple snake? ‎· Galadriel
LOL, Ken. Me too. ‎· Jenny H.
Galadriel, yes: and apparently there are lots of others as well! ‎· Dani (aka ashuping)
looks very neat. ‎· grizabella
At first I thought it was serene, but now it's more exhilarating. ‎· Meg Vmeg
@kjmorley @taoofcoffee hey guys, remember that Deus Ex game? ‎· Buttbuttin
I feel like this post helped make some new connections. *waves to everyone* ‎· Micah