One obstacle that came to light with the In/Out board project - one of my son's phones kept dropping off wifi while sitting idle at home...
Think I got to the bottom of it (project post here: ) Android Marshmellow has this newfangled "doze" management. I'm just gonna call it doge here on out... ‎· Micah
Doge apparently sleeps like a lazy dog per application that's under its mindful watch. While the screen is off, network connectivity can go dark and then is woken up periodically to allow thirty apps to quench their parched digital lips, then cut off again. ‎· Micah
Settings > battery > battery optimization > All Apps (dropdown) ‎· Micah
This is where you can turn optimization off per service in list. Not sure which one was affecting wifi connectivity, so I disabled anything that looked os system-y. Had to reboot to get any effect, it seemed. Looks like it holding its connection to access point now. Yay. ‎· Micah