What's the most you've ever paid for a hair cut? (not counting extras like perm, highlights, etc)
(Note your local currency, please) ‎- Micah
45 US dollars including tip. ‎- Galadriel
60 US not including tip ‎- hedgielib
$45, not including tip. ‎- Jennifer D.
120 US not including tip? I think? It was a long time ago. ‎- Meg Vmeg
50ish US dollars. First and only time I didn't ask for the price beforehand. ‎- Kirsten
$16 Cdn w/o tip ‎- Ken Morley
35 CAD w/o tip ‎- Micah
Before I started having mine colored, I think it was $12 USD? ‎- Ell Bee vehicular
40 EUR and I hated the cut. it's not very much for a woman but usually I pay 28 EUR and I love it (never NEVER change your hairdresser once you find the one for you, it's more difficult than true love) ‎- Pea Bukowski
€ 37,00 ‎- Chiara75
AU$30. We don't tip in Australia. ‎- Benny Bucko
65€ is the regular price of my hairdresser ‎- ladyvalmont
$55 US before tip ‎- Christina Pikas
$60 ‎- Jenny H.
35 € ‎- MisterQ
$30 ‎- Myri∂m
always less than 15 € ‎- Haukr
€ ‎85 ‎- Laila
$80 not including tip. Thankfully when I started getting my hair colored as well, she cut me a huge break on the hair cut so that the price didn't almost triple. (now you know why I color my own hair these days, though I will totally go to her for haircuts again, especially now that she works for Ulta and the price is controlled by corporate...$40 including tip? SOLD) ‎- Hookuh Tinypants
20 lbs of hotdogs, delivered to the beautician's home. It was a barter deal because she needed them for a large BBQ party that weekend. I don't remember what they cost. ‎- April
25€ ‎- spad
$40 ‎- Jilli
35 €, now that I have a mid 80’s Morrissey haircut: 17 €. ‎- Deianira
20€ ‎- körkamil
*bump* - these are great so far. ‎- Micah
six bucks. later on, i bought a shaver for another ten bucks which i use ever since. (and i am so broke for ages, -and thus dollar-lira parity is so irrelevant in my life, i had to look for it before writing this) :((( ‎- nasti
I get $130 haircuts because nyc (plus tip) ‎- yasin
$50 ‎- Steven Perez
Cdn$25 ‎- John Dupuis
Since I was curious: 20 lbs of hot dog is ~$32 (based on Walmart hot dog price of 10¢/oz). ‎- Micah
$60, plus tip. ‎- Bren
^^^ Me too. ‎- Spidra Webster
Less than NOK 200, I'm pretty sure, but I'm not really a purchaser of hairdressing. ‎- Eivind
I can't even remember if i paid in EUR or LIT ‎- Snowdog
$80 once, $60 more than once, these days usually $20 (including a huge tip) ‎- earlyadopter
Possibly as high as $40 once, but not in a long time. ‎- John B.