Black and Blue $6 Special
I should've never eaten at Wendy's today. ‎- Micah
I'm not doing much better than you. Grey Sushi. Sounds very unappealing. ‎- bentley
DeepSkyBlue Chicken. Hm, could have been worse. ‎- sooshee
Pink Tacos. ‎- Kirsten
Pink Fajita. ;) ‎- Ell Bee vehicular
White Potato is about as bland as it gets (though probably accurate). ‎- John B.
John B kilt me ded. (Beige corn chex.) ‎- Catherine
Navy Candy? Huh. ‎- Jennifer D.
Black chicken nugget? ‎- Christina Pikas
Gray Peanut Butter Brownie Sundae ‎- Mr. Noodle
Blue burrito ‎- Galadriel
Grey parmesan ‎- Ivan Crema
Micah, yours is pretty awesome. ‎- Ell Bee vehicular
LB, CONFESSION: I take my clothes off everyday. ‎- Micah
Black Bagel Chips ‎- MoTO Babycakes
white and blue tiramisu :)))) ‎- SaeedTheGiraffe ?
black chicken ‎- GG tu tu tu tu tu tu
Black coffee ‎- Myri∂m
My wife would like to contribute Blue Chicken Salad. So, there. ‎- Bill Mason
Black Dim Sum. Uhm ‎- Selkis
Pink pizza :-/ ‎- spaccyatoredylenty (Cla')
"Red Bread With Stuff On It" Rawr! ‎- Eivind
Black coffee :-) ‎- nagual
Black ravioli ‎- unkcos
Black galletta. ‎- Valeriotta_
Gray Chicken Skewers. ‎- Benny Bucko
Tiffany Nachos (Jesus, I'm scared) ‎- Snowdog
@snowdog8: <3 tiffany nachos ‎- Selkis
WTH kind of a color is "tiffany"? ‎- Mr. Noodle
Black Hamburger. Mh. ‎- Fabrizio Casu
@cgrymala I had to google it, apparently it's a shade of blue ‎- SaeedTheGiraffe ?
black fried fish :S ‎- nimsi
white striped blue spinach -with yoghurt- (more like a high school band name) ‎- Baytuğ Peyvan ⭐
Black Naan... my new band name. ‎- Ken Morley
black spinach :'( ‎- grizabella
black orange (quite exotic) ‎- grandmaster_flash
White Quinoa Salad. I think I can do better ‎- yasin
Polka Dot farro soup. Not a very good name. ‎- Rudibrarian
Pink menemen ‎- Pudra
black meatballs ‎- neccuro
Blue tartan fettina panata. ‎- SAPO!!
black sucuk ekmek :( ‎- sevinç
ahahaha @cumali ya <3 ‎- grizabella
black orange and black coffee are quite good actually...aaand if only i had seen this feed slightly later i myself would have conveniently become black cherry. sigh sigh ;_; ‎- grizabella
Black Pork Knuckle ^^' ‎- La Vivi
Blue sandwich ‎- frasca
black strawberry ‎- ratavolòira teiera basita
Blue and white stripe vanilla ice cream and salted caramel sauce. Boy, that's a mouthful. ‎- Jenny H.
Blue Kitkat ‎- Ubikindred
Black Meatballs ‎- Kobayashi Gazprom
black çiğ köfte . ‎- tolgardo
blue waffles. konu qilit ‎- dummy
Camo Kebab... ‎- MisterQ
If I ever start a concession stand business I now will not be able to resist naming it Tiffany Nachos. ‎- Micah
@misterq: Camo? Is that a colour? ‎- La Vivi
black biscuit şekerim ‎- magnafantagna
Black avena ‎- Antonella Ranaldo
white biscuit ‎- fanfaron
Purple gumbo. ‎- the
Striped Green Pizza. ‎- Jim: Lose Cannon
Ten rengi cevizli sucuk arkadaşım, dön de götüşüne gül u.u ‎- kült ablası
Blue Pan Dulce, which is also the name of my rock band. ‎- Steven Perez
Where are you, my Russian friends? Where are you, Navy Borsht and Hot Pink Zapekanka? The pole feels so cold without you. ‎- некоторое арестованное животное
@linorg: Naked Kefir reporting ‎- Vlad Kaznacheev
Black Rye Bread. Not only am I Russian, I'm also boring as heck. ‎- many such cases
Black cauliflower checking in. ‎- Eril
White vegetable quiche ‎- secondary psychopathy
Nude Banana speaking. ‎- posh lady
Gray Avocado ‎- deodan
Cyan Petit-Beurre. Quite a name :)) ‎- Elec Girl
Green Coffee sounds a bit wrong ‎- Count Caturday
Black cottage cheese ‎- ЛЕВАЦКАЯ МРАЗЬ
purple fish ‎- magnafantagna
Undefined Pork ‎- Юдж
red steak (at least better than my black spinach of a few days ago) ‎- grizabella
Gunmetal Turkey Scone ‎- смешная третья опция
and Black Emergency Cookie a while ago ‎- смешная третья опция
Plum Pasta ‎- un pesce di nome Tricia
Black Flapjack ‎- Pete Smith
Bare Ass Broccoli ‎- blizzart
I'm so going for Commando Sausage tonight ‎- Count Caturday
Black Pork ‎- o iş noldu?
Dark blue boiled cachalot on ice ‎- Arfin Kiriloğlu
Polka-dot marshmallow ‎- Selkis
Black vodka ‎- not mein kampf of tea
Black semizotu :(( ‎- sevinç
cookie monster double cream. ‎- very lovely tea
Black Khachapuri ‎- don't call me Shurely
Black çiğ börek ‎- sevinç
Leaf-Printed Pancake ‎- тош-то
When I saw this post for the first time, it was Naked Noodles, now I can't stop thinking about it ‎- несомненный злоумышленник