What's the first person, place, thing or idea that comes to mind when you see this kind of chair?
Reading for after you answer: https://goo.gl/sqztty ‎- Micah
I think of the local environmental center because there's a stack of those in the corner for when a meeting needs more chairs. (Also, I was there last night.) ‎- John B.
my grandma and her garden ‎- Brixie
@brixie: +1 ‎- martolina
cloabell. ‎- SAPO!!
Those endless summers when I was still young. ‎- sooshee
My grandma. Also scrubbing them down before summer parties. ‎- Sarah G.
chiringuito on the beach ‎- spad
festa della proloco (sorry, it's quite impossible to translate pro-loco. imagine an event organised by local volunteers, in which you can eat and drink). the "bar" where i live, still use these chairs (except for they are green) outdoor in spring and summer ‎- eddie
(i mean, i dont'really live in a "bar" i live near a bar that normally i consider as home) ‎- eddie
a masterpiece, the guest of honor in any open air party, i.e. : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=meOxOqL0JkE ‎- mach
ı saw this plastic chair in wien, written on it: 'respect cheap furniture' https://www.dorotheum.com/en/auctions/current-auctions/katalo... ‎- aralık
My parents, the house where I used to live, the hot summer evenings spent searching for some chill in the garden while chatting and watching the sun go down. ‎- MayaBastanza
eddie +1, all the festivals (???) in my town. ‎- did
Beer gardens. ‎- Benny Bucko
*bump for night crew* (it's always night somewhere) ‎- Micah
The lake cabin my best friend's family has - specifically, having to clean them after whomever used the cabin last left them out to get moldy, or covered in beer/ants, or both. ‎- Jennifer D.
the deck I built in the back yard of my childhood home, a summer party just before I took a 6 week trip to Europe at 19. ‎- Bren
my uncle and the swimming pool we used to go together years ago, they had chairs like this. ‎- SaeedTheGiraffe ?
same as Brixie (granma+garden) ‎- Snowdog
My mom's friend had a pool. ‎- Meg Vmeg
My aunties sitting around outside smoking. :) ‎- rachelw
Sitting on a small balcony during hot April afternoons, watching the poplar leaves dance with the breeze of the Rhine-Main-Canal. ‎- maitani
ugly coastal resorts of portugal and spain (well, actually anywhere else in southern europe that has fallen into the hands of mass tourism), shabby restaurants with -mostly- bad food (everywhere). ‎- grizabella
no particular person, rural weddings, hot weather. it reminds me that sooner rather than later everything decays. ‎- ras
Çınarcık-okey masasına dördüncü gelen kurtarıcı. ‎- eyfiti
countless of them have shattered under my weight leaving me on the floor. ‎- mattiaq
My mom's friend had a pool. ‎- Meg Vmeg seems like the title of a porn movie. actually most of these feeds seem like ‎- mach
My mom's house ‎- ladyvalmont