So.... don't know if I have cause for concern, but anyway. #LostInMokumTranslation
. ‎· Micah
@micah: Looks like we both should be concerned. ‎· псы в рапиде
hahaha ‎· selimov
stalkta on numaraymışsın abi, saygılar ‎· hikmet
I think they want your old FF tools to work here, or be added as site features, and they are going crazy without them. ‎· April
This is actually more comprehensible than most of the Turkish translations I've tried. ‎· Ken Morley
Djfkgkf <3 ‎· eyfiti
:))) ‎· cakir
Sorry for my bad engrish, I have wanted to say, we are going to russian admin with the micah by wearing funnel on the our heads fjfl. because, in turkey funnel is the sign of the madness. :)) (arkadaşlar kusuruma bakmayın dhdl daha güzel çevirmek isteyen olursa iyi olur fjfl) ‎· eyfiti
"We'll finally unite at insanity [In the end we'll go insane together], we'll get our cones and under the leadership of micah, we'll knock on the Russian admin's door." In here we have "Hunililer" [ones with cones] caricatures, representing a mentally ill person wearing a cone. For example, this is a Hunili: It says: "Cone: 3,99 Turkish liras Dress: 7,99 TL Panties: None" Another one:ürleri_29518... It says: "My cell is turned off. I didn't go to work. I'm also not at home. OMG what if something happened to me?" "I hope I won't do anything crazy." Anyway, it's where that "huni" [funnel] thing coming from. Of course Google Translate can't beat me, it doesn't give any examples. Shame... ‎· jeaquares
Meh ben yazana kadar 2 kisi cevirmis. (Meh before I posted my comment, two people already explained.) Now shame on me. ‎· jeaquares
Bunu kim yazmış? ‎· kült ablası
Ben :/ ‎· eyfiti
مترجم موکوم! مترجم همزمان هست؟ :)) چطور فعالش کنیم ‎· Mamad
@micah: ^ ^ ^ ^ did all of this alleviate your concerns? ‎· псы в рапиде
I am the keymaster. Are you the gatekeeper? (although, I guess that was a colander, not a funnel) ‎· Meg Vmeg
It's not polite to google translate peoples ramblings :) ‎· yasin
lol Meg. All commenters above, thanks for the links, I'm starting to get the picture. yasin: True that - but it's fun. ‎· Micah