Fairly confident about this: GREATEST CORPORATE VIDEO EVER https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rAqJO82lAwI
You could easily devise a one-time drinking game with this. Make a list of fake things and actual things put into the machine. Players assemble what they think are the actual things put into the machine. Then the group watches the video and take a drink when your right (or wrong?) ‎· Micah
Video? ‎· bentley
This machine kills fascists. ‎· Monteyn
This machine surrounds fascists and forces them to surrender v_v ‎· nasti
Ah, link didn't make it originally. Added. ‎· Micah
Is anyone else bothered by the lack of guarding on that thing? Man, he brings his fingers close sometimes (e.g. apple). ‎· Ken Morley
Ken, you're not the only one. ‎· Micah
"No one gives a shit when they do this with an organic apple" - Steve Jobs (A decade before 'iphone torture test videos') ‎· orphanedland
At the wet army blanket I thought it peaked, but then came the faux jersey cow hide couch mic drop. ‎· Micah