Tell me your feelings about ice in drinks.
I dont prefer ice in drinks.mostly. ‎· Pudra
I don't like it when they fill the whole cup with ice and don't leave much room for the drink. ‎· bentley
I like ice in drinks, for appropriate drinks and in proper proportions. ‎· John B.
What is the ideal proportion? ‎· Micah
tell it to my teeth :/ ‎· orphanedland
I like ice in my coffee, <3 ‎· eyfiti
Enough to make the drink cold but not water it down too much when it melts. ‎· John B.
It's fine if I have a straw to drink through. I hate it when it bumps against my mouth. ‎· Sarah G.
Well this one time? I was trying to get at the ice stuck at the bottom of my Big Gulp cup? So I tipped the cup up almost vertical and tilted my head back? And all that ice at the bottom of my Big Gulp cup came flying down and hit me in my face? It made me real sad. ‎· MoTO Babycakes
I like pellet/nugget ice. Like John said, enough to make the drink cold, but not enough to water the drink down. If I can get water/tea/coke from a fridge, then I can pass on the ice. #colddrank ‎· Kristin
Your feelings about ice in drinks ‎· ostelinus
I dont likr it with raki. Just put one in to water glass. ‎· zorba
Normal cubes I would fill maybe 1/4 cup? Love crushed ice though since I enjoying crunching on them. ‎· ronin
@ostelinus <3 (crazy that nobody did it before) Anyway, I don't like iced drinks, I even drink room temperature water in summer (but I enjoy an ice tea from time to time, when there are like 40 degrees) ‎· MayaBastanza
i feel good ‎· dummy
I love ice in drinks. Even when they come out from a fridge. Even in winter. Of course there must be a balance. But I love it. ‎· sooshee
(and of course there are drinks where ice is strictly forbidden, like rum. Nobody would put ice in a rum glass. I hope) ‎· sooshee
Depends on quantity of ice and whether the beverage is already chilled prior to serving. I generally chose sans ice in takeaway scenarios. ‎· Benny Bucko
I like ice in drinks, mostly in summer (except for coca cola, I like it always with ice), in the proper proportions. I don't like ice in water though. ‎· inconsolabilmente Lucretia
nice only in cocktails and "iced" coffee. ‎· nomnomski
@maya_bastanza +1 ‎· did
I like drinks in ice. ‎· jeaquares
I like ice only in vanilla drinks. #iceicebaby ‎· SAPO!!
Mostly I don't like it, but in some drinks that aren't cold by themselves it can help (like fresh orange juice) ‎· Pea Bukowski
ahh and yes @doprettin is right. rakı! ‎· nomnomski
I have some in my lemonade right now. ‎· John B.
All the ice. All of it. Crushed if possible. ‎· Pixie
I like to use a couple of frozen strawberries in my bourbon rather than ice. ‎· Ken Morley
Bourbonberries ‎· Micah
I'm happy to have ice if it's available but can still drink if not. Hooray for pellet ice! ‎· Have Yourself a Merry Little LB
I don't like ice in drinks and I don't like if the drinks themselves are cold either. ‎· Taivo Lints
Depends on the drink. I like ice in water and pop. I don't care for iced coffee. ‎· Jilli
Just a little bit to keep my whisky cold. I usually ask to add just a single cube, and I've got a single cube once - about two inch by side, to complement my 4cl of Laphroaigh. Some bartenders have weird sense of humor. UPD. ‎· Сад расходящихся фидиков
Depends on the drink, but I am mostly in the camp of "enough to cool down the drink without watering it down too badly". I tend to prefer crushed ice over cubed ice. I also don't usually put ice in drinks that are already cold (so, if I take a soda out of the fridge or pour a glass of iced tea out of the fridge, I won't usually put it on ice). I will usually put ice in lemonade, though, even if it is cold to begin with, because watering down lemonade is not usually a terrible thing. ‎· Mr. Noodle
I do not like ice in most drinks. Whisky on the rocks is an exception. ‎· время наебениться