JYSK is the strongest proof to date that the Matrix is real.
Company was founded by "Lars Larsen". I rest my case. ‎- Micah
Hope it's this one: http://curatorsintl.org/collaborators/lars_bang_larsen Love the bang. ‎- Meg Vmeg
I'm slightly afraid to go down the rabbit hole of all the Lars Larsens. ‎- Micah
Understandable. ‎- Meg Vmeg
(oops. see next post) ‎- Micah
I actually had dinner with Lars Bang Larsen once. He was entirely pleasant. Great name. ‎- Meg Vmeg
O rly? What was the occasion? ‎- Micah
Dinner with Lars.... Dancing with the mayor of Nashville... IS THIS REAL LIFE? ‎- Micah
Good question, I think he was doing some art thing in Houston in the early aughts. ‎- Meg Vmeg
It would be namedropping if anyone had ever heard of Lars Bang Larsen. ‎- Meg Vmeg
Seriously, though, that name! ‎- Meg Vmeg