Grampa's doctor prescribed that he take the driver's test SIMULATOR to attempt renewal of his license. Grandpa: "NOPE."
He drove a truck on the front line amidst Nazi shelling. So yeah, he stays wanting a real road test. ‎· Micah
I've never had a road test. ‎· bentley
How? ‎· Micah
Where I grew up, we didn't have to have them if we had a high pass in our driver's ed road course, which I suppose, really, served as a de facto road test. ‎· k8s
Interesting. Didn't know that's how it worked some places. ‎· Micah
It's Sunday now, so he's 94 today. ‎· Micah
I think I've told the story here before. Did driver's ed in school (they used automatics) when I was 16, but we had a stick shift at home so my mom and grandmother wouldn't let me get a license till I could drive our car. And I couldn't drive it. Mental block. Just before I turned 18, new law or something that said that if you had passed driver's ed and weren't 18, you could take the written test and get a license. So I did. But we had the same car and I still didn't drive. Moved out of state and my mental block extended to automatics, so I didn't drive there either. Moved back to Michigan five years later. My grandmother takes me to get information on how to get a license. Clerk says: "Your license expired, but you have a clean record. Here, take the written test." My grandmother was horrified when I came back with a valid license. And then I finally learned to drive on the same stick shift car I couldn't drive before. I've been driving stick shifts since then, and I've never had a road test. ‎· bentley
My state has closed courses now instead of on the road tests ‎· Christina Pikas