Your go to song when you feel particularly melancholy:
Depends on whether I want to wallow or improve my mood. Wallow: "Apart" by the Cure; improve: "Start Wearing Purple" by Gogol Bordello. ‎· Bren
The Cure is a strong contender for me too, Bren. ‎· Micah
I'll use Bren's wallow/improve method, but I've gotta do a top 3 depending on the kind of melancholy. WALLOW: "Hallelujah" (both the Jeff Buckley and Rufus Wainwright versions), "Waltz #2" by Elliott Smith, "Come Around" by Rhett Miller. IMPROVE: "Always Love" by Nada Surf, "Release" by Pearl Jam, "Closer to the Edge" by 30 Seconds to Mars. ‎· Kristin
"Closer To The Edge" is a great improve your mood song. ‎· Bren
Wallow: Chet Baker - Almost Blue. I like Bren's choice of Gogol Bordello for upbeat, but I'd go with Wunderlust King. ‎· Ken Morley
Tom Waits, Strange Weather ‎· maitani
My immortal, evanescence; I can't see nobody, nina simone; everybody hurts, rem; a long december,counting crows; the drugs don’t work, verve ‎· sapu
"Car Radio" 21 Pilots, "Chasing Cars" Snow Patrol, "The Scientist" Coldplay ‎· Brixie
Rachel Portman's score to "The Lake House". (I know, that's not one song.) ‎· Bill Mason
tom waits, "green grass" and "all the world is green" ‎· grizabella
piazzola's oblivion by gidon kremer ‎· o iş noldu?
@alfonker that was played live in a funeral that i attended and it killed me! i didn't even know the deceased person but i started sobbing terribly. was a bit embarrassing though, especially considering that i was the only person sobbing, while everybody else (including the guy's family) kept their cool :) ‎· grizabella
abbov :ı ‎· o iş noldu?
I don't know that I have just one. I have melancholy songs for all occasions. But recently I was thinking about "Hole in the River" by Crowded House once more. "One More Hour" is a song that always works me, due to the beauty of the song, the minor key, and the memories of the film. ‎· Spidra Webster