Where did you learn to swim?
Local college, when I was really little. ‎· Jennifer D.
('not a swimmer' is also an answer) ‎· Micah
In the lake by my parents until I was old enough for lessons at the YMCA. ‎· k8s
In an alternate universe. ‎· Julian
I never really did. ‎· John B.
New Orleans. ‎· Kristin
Combo of the old Public Plunge (no longer exists) and our own swimming pool once my parents moved to a house that had one. The loss of public swimming pools is another thing to chalk up to the loss of the commons. :( ‎· Spidra Webster
I have never learnt. ‎· La Vivi
Dolphin Swim School, Sacramento, CA. ‎· Bren
Huh, I can't remember. The earliest memory I have of swimming is at hotel pools when my mother took me back to Taiwan every summer. But I believe I already knew how to swim before that, just don't remember where. ‎· ronin
after a near death experience in the local pool, never ‎· Myri∂m
A lake not not far from the place where I used to spend summers with my grandparents ‎· shalapanova
Sometime before drowning. I actually don't recall. ‎· Hey, it's CAJ!
Swimming lessons in a communal pool. I think it was before I started school (at 6.5 y.o.). ‎· Eivind
I have never learnt. ‎- LaVivi +1 ‎· Chiara75
Local pool lessons. In my hometown Manisa. ‎· fsniper
I really don't remember, think always know how to swim. ‎· serdar,ben
in mommy's tummy ‎· jeaquares
local pool, when i was 14. my teacher was my older sister. ‎· eddie
ionian sea, with and eventually without enflatable armbands ‎· mentegatto
Lake Chickamauga, once I got past my brothers trying to convince me that Jaws lived in the (freshwater) lake and would be attracted to my red lifejacket. (I was under 5, so didn't understand the whole salt/fresh water thing) ‎· ellbeecee
when I was in HS from the local pool. I then swam on the swim team because they were short people my age. I learned that I really, really, REALLY sucked at butterfly stroke. ‎· Dani (aka ashuping)
Cricket Club in Lima (Peru). An Australian woman called Auntie Esme taught the kid lessons. #perumemories ‎· bentley
In Crimea when I was 20. Taught by a friend. My parents tried to make me learn, but I was a stubborn kid. ‎· Pig of War
At the age of 6 or 7, in a swimming-pool attached to a high school - my dad's friend gave lessons there. ‎· dmtr
in a ditch close to home, by my dad, when diving in ditches was still quite safe ‎· Ivan Crema
I can't swim, never learned: too amniotic. ‎· SAPO!!
After traumatic swim lessons at the YWCA when I was 4ish, I didn't learn to passably swim until 9 or 10 in the ocean. I'm still a pretty cautious swimmer, but I love the ocean and lakes. ‎· Galadriel
in soviet swimming school. 3 days per week for... mm... ~3.5 years. ‎· screamager
I don't remember, probably my father taught me at the beach. I never took any lessons. My style may be arguable but I do float. ‎· inconsolabilmente Lucretia
Public pool lessons when I was 7 or 8 (I was the first to learn how to swim in my family!) ‎· Brixie
primary school ‎· SaeedTheGiraffe ?
Public pool lessons when I was probably 3 or 4. My parents got tired of pulling me out of the deep end at various family friends' pools, so they decided I needed to learn to swim. ‎· Mr. Noodle
My mom taught me the basics as a tiny tot, in the local public pool. Got more formal lessons (including life saving) in the college pool when I was 10 and 11. Joined swim team at 13, so that's when I learned the niceties of competition strokes. ‎· Kirsten
They tried to teach me at school but failed. I learned to swim at the local lake one summer when I was approximately 9 or 10. ‎· Стадо овец
Lessons at the YWCA when I was little. ‎· Christina Pikas
Tobol river... you know, when you are five and there are so much bloodsucking flies around your head that you even think about sinking in another, better way. Then swimming school for 3 years. ‎· inque
In a stream where I was born(east of turkey). Older cousins were my teachers, like in many other occasions. ‎· Caf
In the Volga when I was eight. My uncle taught me. ‎· сразу же жить на шкаф
Nojiri lake in Japan. And a community pool in Dorchester MA. ‎· lris
Goshorn Lake in Michigan, and a community pool in Lafayette, Indiana. My mom taught my sister and me, and it never really "took" with me; I can keep myself afloat but that's about it. ‎· Catherine
Started at around 8 a the neighborhood YMCA where I got the basics. Really honed my skills at Fontbone College ( think I was 11). Both in St. Louis. ‎· MoTO Babycakes
Same as @jenn2d2 Different college, presumably :) ‎· Meg Vmeg
High school, kind of. I still don't really go face down in the water-- still end up panicking. I got very good at side stroke/back stroke as I could keep my face out. ‎· hedgielib
Dad, who was on the swim team and had lifeguard gigs growing up. (Added: And his lessons have kept me safe in water more than once, which I'm very grateful for) ‎· rachelw
in the sea (black sea) ‎· guru
In the marmara sea, when I was 7 years old. (Kopya çeke çeke yazdım inş düzgündür fkgl). ‎· eyfiti
In river Volga, likely around 8 years old. ‎· 9000
i learned swim so late ( 24 or 25 ) in the aegean sea. i'm thankful to my friends :) ‎· tuvaldi paletti
I learned swim so late ( 4 or 6 ) in the black sea. i'm thankful to my dad :) ‎· Erkan AylenizinPompacısı
Ahahah 'so late' i düzeltmeyi unuttum ama böyle de güzel. ‎· Erkan AylenizinPompacısı
@erkan: ahahaa elleşme oyle kalsin ‎· tuvaldi paletti
My mom started with me when I was a toddler and we had a Doughboy in our backyard that she wanted to keep me from drowning in, and then continued with the community pool or in rivers when we went camping. I don't recall taking lessons, but I did learn how to swim better when I joined the city swim team in kindergarten (mostly cuz all the kids were doing it). ‎· Hookuh Tinypants
@guru @Erkan Random story: My only time in the Black Sea was went I jumped in to save a friend who would have drown - she was swept off a low pier by a large wave. ‎· Micah
River Dnipro and Black Sea ‎· время наебениться
First time back in the prep school days, a friendly sports club. Totally forgot everything over the summer break and was almost unable to swim until last year when I started visiting the pool downstairs. ‎· Размытое в синей футболке