Rr, Lr, Rr, Lr, Rr, Rr, Lr, Rr, ?r, Rr, Br, Ll, Lr, Lr, Ll, Ll, Lr, Rr, Lr, Lr, Rr, Ll, Lr, ?r, La , R?, Rr, Rr, Lr, Rl, Lr, Ra, La, Rr, Rr, Ll, Lr, Rr, Ll ‎- Micah
Fascinating. ‎- Meg Vmeg
Now I can sleep tonight. ‎- Kristin
o_O ‎- Ömer
Wait, does that mean that a full third of Mokum denizens are left-handed? Should we adjust for respondents only being those who have nothing better to do than answer CRITICAL SURVEYS on the internet? ‎- алгебра смыслов
And nobody is doing the backflip into a pair of pants held up by a frame, inserting both legs simultaneously? I am disappointed. ‎- Galen Charlton
@gmcharlt: Not enough samples. Just you wait! ‎- алгебра смыслов