Is there any refrigerator item that if you suddenly run out you irrationally panic?
My gut reaction is that it's all pretty rational. I mean, butter and beer are rational panic. Maybe mayo is irrational? And eggs? ‎· Meg Vmeg
Butter and beer—agreed fully rational. The coffee I grind I don't keep in the fridge, but again would be more than 100% rational anyway. Cream cheese. And sour cream. Guess that's a theme. ‎· Micah
Milk. Eggs. Butter. All totally rational. ‎· Catherine
Butter. Less than a pound and I get twitchy. ‎· hedgielib
Any of my typical breakfast items. Exactly what I eat for that meal shifts depending on season, but whatever they are, I'm very, very paranoid about not having those foods on hand. ‎· Kirsten