Mercy, in Turkey there's a coup underway, or not, and FB/Twitter there got throttled to the point of unusable. Friends in Turkey, what's going on now?
Nobody is sure. There seems to be a coup detat, but seemingly it's unplanned or a showcase for another cause. Everything is stil ongoing. ‎· fsniper
We have no idea yet :( ‎· kült ablası
i am in turkey but still could'nt really catch what is going on. worst is there are killed civilian people. ‎· seyif
It seems a group in military is trying to overthrow the government however not all the military forces are behind them. There are bombings from planes to parliament and various builndings in capital city. In istanbul there is a limited fight but in capital city ankara, it seems things keep going worse. Minister and president is on media saying they will stop this traoitors. We cant believe what we are watching, feeling, hearing, seeing my friend. Sorry for bad typing. Im a bit tired ‎· dopermen
Converting to an Islamic dictatorship, no big deal. ‎· Baytuğ Peyvan ⭐
For example a few soldiers tried to take control of cnnturk, a mainstream news channel, cnn int. Turkey branch, and we watched and listened the whole stupidity live. They coildnt stop the broadcasting then the pro government, akp (ruling party) supporters came in hundreds and took the young soldiers away. Channel is on air now. ‎· dopermen
Every mosque is praying loudly. Also they are calling for people to streets. ‎· fsniper
We have watched the parliament bombing live by the way. Unbelievable scenes. ‎· dopermen
Calling the people to the streets for defend the democracy, government bla bla for hours btw ‎· kült ablası
doperman your typing is fine, thank you for taking the time to inform us—everyone in this thread, thank you, and hope you remain safe. ‎· Micah ‎· 1
We're absolutely thinking of you, in bombing and in boredom. ‎· Meg Vmeg ‎· 1
Be safe. We are praying for you ‎· Myri∂m ‎· 1
Events of tonight are the proofs that we can't be saved. From now on, Turkey is the country of fanatics. It's painful to admit but we lost this battle. Sorry fellas. ‎· Baytuğ Peyvan ⭐
I'm so very sorry and sad to hear this. Thinking of you friends in Turkey. Please let us know if there's anything US civilians can do. ‎· Galadriel ‎· 1