What phrase do you overuse lately?
DARBE ‎- Rubber Soul
hashtag blessed ‎- Meg Vmeg
legit ‎- Jennifer D.
Sticazzi. ‎- did
Trump. ‎- John B.
I've had it. ‎- Christina Pikas
Sounds good. ‎- Kristin
What the... ‎- Myri∂m
Beyond ‎- yasin
By the way ‎- Brixie
wtf (clearly not my fault tho) ‎- inconsolabilmente Lucretia
By the way (*highfive @brixie*) ‎- frasca
Well- ‎- DArA
something something ‎- Meg Vmeg
"Trump again?" ‎- MoTO Babycakes
"I just want to punch her in the face." ‎- Botty McBottface