Where did you go on your last road trip?
Bay of Fundy. ‎· Meg Vmeg
Okay, I had an inside joke lol just now. We used to play this Canadian Trivia game (a poor ripoff of Trivial Pursuit) and like every other Geography question answer was Bay of Fundy. I'm barely exaggerating. I've never been there yet. ‎· Micah
Ventura/Santa Barbara. Last big road trip? All the way up to Portland, OR. ‎· Spidra Webster
The mountains to the west. ‎· Julian
Waco, Texas. Came back through New Orleans. ‎· LB w/ Cranberry Sauce
State College, PA ‎· Mr. Noodle
Olympic Peninsula ‎· Bren
Orlando, last month ‎· ellbeecee
Last big road trip was Mackinac Island and Sleeping Bear Dunes last year. ‎· bentley
Last short road trip, Oregon, IL, last month. ‎· bentley
Ocean City, NJ. My next one is tomorrow. ‎· Jim: Lose Cannon
Catskills ‎· John B.
San Francisco ‎· Jennifer D.
I'm in it right now! The UP of Michigan and northern Ontario. ‎· Sarah G.
Los Angeles, last month. ‎· dejanoir
Texas to Connecticut and back. ‎· Kristin