"There was a distinct inner music. The air was thin and transparent. One could hear the sound of one’s breathing, of snowflakes falling, of hoarfrost’s brush decorating the windowpane. Old villages still existed within Moscow limits, such as the wonderful Dyakovo, with its empty church on an ancient cemetery on a high scarp above Moscow River, wooden houses edged by deep ravines, and vast apple gardens where nightingales sang. Poetry was truly important---poems were rewritten by hand and learned by heart."
"One difference between IM’s seminar and other great mathematical seminars was its openness: the talks were not aimed to explain any distinctive subject or to discuss anything directly connected with IM’s current work, but rather to hear a story that might be a call from the future. This was in tune with the next feeling: We are used to respecting science’s accomplishments. But over time the magical picture switches, and you see that, in fact, we know almost nothing about the world, and that bits of our understanding are mostly used as rags to hide its vast openness. And it is only since at heart we are part of that openness that we are able to wonder and take in new things." ‎· mkz
"IM often said that he considered himself to be stupid. A fool’s way to see things differs from that of a clever person like peripheral vision differs from central vision. At every moment there are infinitely many possible directions to look at and to take. A fool retains awareness of that; a clever person moves successfully in one or two directions while forgetting about the remaining infinity of dimensions. A truly new understanding or a fresh poem starts with a tiny movement into an unknown dimension, which is the inimitable act of a fool." ‎· mkz (The quotes are from an older version) ‎· mkz
not knowing ferahı \o/ merhaba her şey. ‎· ciliney