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@squadette We are starting to discuss again that a bookmarklet would be useful to share things easily. Our old beloved Friendfeed had a specific page to be displayed on the iframe (something like Do we have something similar on Mokum, or do we have to interact with the normal interface? (I'm not an expert, but since I'm missing it so much I'm messing around with the js to see if I can obtain some results)
hi. The API is there, and it should be possible to use it from the bookmarklet. I'm thinking about how the bookmarklet should look, what are the use cases etc. I need a bit more time for the proper answer. ‎· псы в рапиде
I have the script that was used by Friendfeed, so knowing what to show in the small iframe should give us the ability to fill the fields accordingly. Will wait for your feedback then :-) ‎· Brixie
@brixie: yes, I've seen your github repo, but I don't really understand how finished it is and what you need to know to finish that. ‎· псы в рапиде
@squadette As I said I'm not an expert, just trying to do my best. The script is supposed to populate some fields on a specific form. While loading the bookmarklet the first time, it's sending title, url, parenturl, selection and image. On click on a specific image, it's sending the image, width and lenght details. Of course, I feel this information can be changed and the labels adapted, but probably on Mokum side there should be some kind of specific form or script that can convert this URL parameters into content ‎· Brixie