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On Friendfeed, we used to temporarily add multiple comments with nothing but a . character in order to sort of reserve those comment slots for things we were getting ready to type (for instance, if we were going to type out 3 or 4 questions in a row, and we didn't want someone else to accidentally interrupt those questions). I just tried that here, and when I hit "Enter" to submit the "." comment, it showed a dialog saying there had been an internal server error.
. ‎· Mr. Noodle
Weird. It worked on this thread with no problem. ‎· Mr. Noodle
but "disable comments" works differently here - which is intended exactly for providing solution for the case when you are going to type a long speach in multiple comments under your message. try it. ‎· высылык
@cgrymala I've been carrying out some database maintenance right now, possibly that's why you encountered an error. ‎· "Serious" Black
@random: Awesome. I will give that a try next time. Thanks. ‎· Mr. Noodle
@haron: Entirely possible. Thanks for the info. ‎· Mr. Noodle